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About me!


Heya, I'm Ebony!

A Stay - At - Home - Mama by day, and Artist at night!

I'm 24 Years old and was born and raised in Australia. Art has always been my passion and It all started in my early childhood. I took it seriously during my High School years, then went to collage to study 3D Animation and Concept art. My brother loves Dungeons and Dragons, and he got me into drawing characters for him and his mates... and that's how I started doing commissions for Fantasy characters!


I moved to America to marry the love of my life, and started doing part time freelance work from home. My dream is to be able to draw for the rest of my days, Inspire others and be inspired!

Random facts about me:

  • My favourite food is Asian food- specifically Vietnamese and Japanese food.

  • My favourite drink is coffee but can only drink 1 cup a day... Makes me sleepy!

  • My favourite games are: Borderlands series, Divinity 2, Dungeon Defenders, Valheim, DnD, Catan (Board game) and Rummy (Card game).

Idaho, USA


JMC Academy

Design Centre Enmore

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